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NH-24 to be a hassle free, smooth drive, PM Modi Inaugurates Project

With Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurating the project for the broadening of the NH-24 from the Nizamuddin Bridge in Delhi till Meerut, travelling by this highway will soon become a hassle-free, smooth ride, thus making locations on this highway in Ghaziabad, Dasna, Hapur etc. a swift and pleasurable expressway ride from the heart of Delhi. NHAI officials indicate that the Delhi-Meerut expressway will be implemented as the model for the country so that motorists do not face the issues that they have faced on the Delhi-Gurgaon expressway.

With the implementation of this project, lakhs of commuters of Delhi-NCR and Ghaziabad will be saved from traffic jams and the long time they spend in traveling. 

The project to widen the NH-24 is the country's first state-of-the-art expressway-cum-highway project. Within 30 months, this project will provide a 14-lane expressway to motorists from Nizamuddin bridge in Delhi to Hapur via the UP Border and Dasna. This will include a six-lane expressway in the middle, with a four lane highway on either side making up the eight-lane highway. On both sides of the highway, there will be footpaths for pedestrians and also cycle-tracks for cyclists. Crash-barriers made of steel will segregate the expressway from the highway.

This project is being implemented to international standards and will have many small and big overbridges, underbridges, foot over-bridges, bus stands and bus shelters. There will also be highway patrols, emergency care and tele-communications services. It has been proposed to create rest areas for motorists at various places.

Vehicles wishing to use the expressway will pass through the electronic toll near Nizamuddin bridge and Hapur. There will be Advanced Traffic Management System for enumerating the number of vehicles.

The entire Delhi-Meerut Expressway is 150 kilometers long and is having various parts. It has been decided to initially implement the Nizamuddin-Hapur section, where the traffic problems are the meximum. For the sake of convenience, this section is divided into three packages, the first being from Nizamuddin to UP Border, the second being from UP Border to Dasna, and the third being from Dasma to Hapur. 

It is understood that the contract for the first two packages will be awarded within days, and for the third package within a month. This entire fifty kilometers long section will be implemented in thirty months. The section beyond Hapur and upto Meerut will be implemented after the land acquisition process is complete.

The package from the Nizamuddin Bridge to the UP Border is 8.7 kilometers long and is being constructed at a cost of Rs 663 crore. It includes a new overbridge to be constructed at the UP Border. Also, the overbridges at Yamuna Setu, Akshardham, Ghazipur and Freight Complex (Fish Market) will be broadened. And, the small bridges near the metro line and Ghazipur Nullah, the underpasses near Laxmi Nagar, Patparganj and Ghazipur, and the overpasses near the Ring Road and near Akshardham will all be made bigger.

The package from UP Border to Dasna is 19.2 kilometers long and will include two big overbridges -- one near CISF-Vijay Nagar and the other near Lal Kuan. Several underpasses, Footoverbridges and bus stands will be created in this package, including at Khoda, Sai Mandir, Shipra Mall and Vijay Nagar. This package will cost an estimated Rs 1376 crore.

The Dasna-Hapur package is 22.3 kilometers long and will be constructed at a cost of Rs 1023 crore. It will include a 4665 meters long elevated road at Pilkhua to take the expressway traffic from above the city.

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