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Looking for hot properties to invest in and earn handsome returns on it.We will let you know the best investment destinations. If you look at India – Delhi NCR is one of the best investment options with terrific infrastructure. Noida, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad are some of the lucrative investment destinations. Not only foreign real estate investors but also domestic investors are keen on investing in Delhi NCR Region, the trend shows. Ghaziabad is also a prominent district in Uttar Pradesh. A lot of infrastructure projects are going on in the city. In other words, the city is expanding by leaps and bounds. It is an excellent destination for people who are looking for an affordable housing. It is also an awesome destination for investing in commercial projects. The city has been planned keeping in mind the requirements of the people. It is well equipped with modern amenities; moreover it has got reputed educational institutes and numerous well known hospitals. #ghaziabad #ncr #hot_destination …
Best location to live in Delhi NCR
Bedroom is the place where you relax, spend a stress-free private life and it can be adore with comfortable bedding and throw pillows. A quick makeover can easily transition even the most in-trouble space and if you add more beautiful colors from Indian handmade home furnishing it delivers a rich look to your bedroom space.  #luxury #property #apartments #homes #luxury_living
Affordable real estate development is creating a new wave in the market Affordable real estate development is creating a new wave in the market. NCR is sure to be impacted by this latest trend favouring the middle class. Development of premium properties hasn’t halted altogether, but the huge drive for affordable housing has rendered them insignificant in realty market of the region.  Even though such drive emerge out to be an apparent blow to luxury and premium real estate sector, it has brought huge opportunities for buyers in the middle and lower income groups. Through this, developers who plan to invest in affordable housing will be benefited. #real_estate  #apartments  #property_in_NCR  #apartments_in_ghaziabad
Best quality project in Delhi NCR Gold Coast is not just a Residential Project but a dream come true. No corner in your apartment has been left untouched to ensure a quality of life that will be a source of envy for others. The Project promises the dawn of a new lifestyle. Situated at the heart of Crossings Republik – a world class Pollution free township where international standard amenities like golf course, ample green landscape intersected by wide open roads, luxury apartments lake, malls, shopping, centers, schools, hospitals, club etc. everything is within a few meters distance. Crossings Republik is home to 15,000 happy families and is overflowing with greenery as almost 30,000 trees have been planted inside it. It is also a very eco friendly city with almost zero discharge from within it as water and garbage is recycled here. Crossings Republik has all the amenities of modern living-luxury apartments, golf course, lake, malls, shopping centers schools, hospitals, clubs etc. cat…
Ahead of UP polls, NDA fast-tracks NH-24 work: With eyes firmly set on the 2017 Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, the NDA government has decided to speed up the widening of NH-24 that runs from the national capital through large parts of the northern state. Though the proposal has been in the drawing board for several years, NHAI is set to invite tenders for widening the Delhi (Nizamuddin Bridge) to Hapur stretch of this highway to 14 lanes within a fortnight.

Sources in NHAI and road transport ministry confirmed that the packages for awarding this work have been finalized, which would require Rs 2,800 crore investment. "The existing highway, which is on the embankment, will be converted into a non-stop access-controlled expressway (few entry and exits) and commuters using this stretch will pay toll. There will be minor widening of the existing corridor. Under this project, four lanes on each side will be built along the dedicated expressway. Commuters don't need to pay for us…
It was a rare sight - after a brief speech to inaugurate International Yoga Day on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi descended from a huge stage in front of the presidential palace and took off his glasses and his shoes. He quietly took his place before a sea of schoolchildren and others, mats neatly arranged in a checkerboard as far as the eye could see, to begin what was billed as the largest yoga demonstration in a single venue in history.
"I believe that from the 21st of June, through the International Day of Yoga, it is not just the beginning of a day but the beginning of a new age through which we will achieve greater heights of peace, good will and train the human spirit," Modi said in his speech. #yoga #relief #stress_free #modi #world_yoga_day
A father is the one friend upon whom we can always rely.  In the hour of need, when all else fails, we remember him upon whose knees we sat when children, and who soothed our sorrows even though he may be unable to assist us, his mere presence serves to comfort and strengthen us =SKB Group =
A more precise definition of luxury housing in India is housing which offers opulent living spaces and ultra-modern luxurious amenities. Such projects may or may not be centrally located. In fact, such luxury projects can offer a more evolved luxury experience, since developers do not have to invest in cost-intensive land and can concentrate on supplying luxurious experience to buyers.  #real_estate #luxury #property #homes # flats
Nature and green spaces contribute directly to public health by reducing stress and mental disorders, increasing the effect of physical activity, reducing health inequalities, and increasing perception of life quality and self-reported general health. Indirect health effects are conveyed by providing arenas and opportunities for physical activity, increasing satisfaction of living environment and social interactions, and by different modes of recreation. . #green #landscape #golf_course #parks #plants

Affordable housing is the new face of realty in NCR
The property market in NCR has experienced a gradual movement from premium to affordable real estates.
This new dynamics in the market can be attributed to a number of reasons.  NCR has been a hub for real estate development for long. Investment in property development in this region is among the highest across the nation. A huge chasm still exists between demand and supply of affordable housing across the nation. From the viewpoint of industry experts, the supply in the range of thousands is quite inadequate to cater to the current demand, which is in the range of millions. #real estate #property  #affordable_housing  #apartments #homes For more please visit:
Using Kajaria in Project- GOLD COAST for  Sophistication in every corner of your Dream home
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Golf course facing apartments in Delhi NCR Gold Coast is not just a Residential Project but a dream come true. No corner in your apartment has been left untouched to ensure a quality of life that will be a source of envy for others. The Project promises the dawn of a new lifestyle. #goldcoast #skb_group #apartments #homes #golf
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Investment Options in India: If you are an NRI planning to buy a property back home in India, read on. For this will save you a lot of hassles and make the entire process easier. Even though an NRI is allowed to invest in India, there are certain guidelines before investing in real estate/property back home.
First, the eligibility. Any person of Indian origin and having an Indian passport can invest in real estate. Further there is no limit on the number of property purchased by NRI in India. NRIs have the option of self-funding the home purchase, or can take a home loan. RBI has set guidelines for availing of home loans by NRIs, which say: • Financial institutions are allowed to finance at most of 80 per cent of the total amount and the rest has to provided by the NRI • EMIs or whole re-payment for the purchase of property can be paid either by way of funds remitted to India through regular banking channels or through the balance in the NRE, NRO, FCNR account. Cheques issued from the NRI…
Golf course facing luxury project
Investing in NCR will offer you the maximum returns on investment in properties you bought.
NCR is driven by a lot of employment opportunities for both skilled and unskilled labor. In other words, inward migration in these cities happens not only from other cities, but also outling             villages.
This invariably results in higher demand for housing.
It’s time to raise the bar of what you expect from a home. It’s time to realize that a home is not just four walls ratherit constitutes the surroundings as well. It’s time to experience life not in an isolated residential tower but of a sprawling township. Gold Coast promises the dawn of a new lifestyle. Of living in a well-ensconced township, where apartments are Golf Course facing and where round the clock view of serene lake greets you. ‪#‎gold_coast‪#‎apartments‪#‎skb_group‪#‎best_location‪#‎homes For more:
Best residential project in Delhi NCR
Gold Coast - 2 & 3 BHK luxury apartments overlooking the golf course and the magnificent lake at Crossing Republik, Ghaziabad. A stone's throw away from Noida, 0 kilometers from NH 24 near the proposes metro station. Come, experience a life of luxury.
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Property investment in India
‘100 smart cities' project. The idea is to induce 24x7 electricity and water facility, cyber connectivity and urban mobility with a very good quality of public transport system. Information technology will be used to enhance the efficiency of residents of the smart cities. Residents wouldn't need to sit up for a bus to hit its selected stop; instead, they might solely need to hunt in their smart phones to induce correct info concerning the arrival of the bus at that stop. Almost 98% work has to be done by the private sector, academia and the industry while only 2% that is the glue, has to come from the government of India.
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