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Why Crossings Republik is first time home buyers’ choice?
After approximately living for 3 years on rent in Noida’s Sector 37, Mayank Sehgal, an IT professional finally decided to purchase a property.

After one complete month of research and ‘Reiki’ of the property locations, Mayank purchased an apartment in Crossings Republik. When asked, Sehgal quoted various reasons for his decision to choose this location.
Rajesh Kumar, an existing owner in the locality says, “Crossings Republik is a very posh location and almost all kinds of things (grocery, stationary, food and medical are available within the locality itself, nearest shopping mall is Opulent Mall which is at 4 km distance, railway station is quite close, schools are there at convenient distance,”
“For me buying a home here made sense as the locality is approachable from Noida as well as Delhi through the National Highway-24,” adds Sehgal.
What made Mayank INVEST here?

Crossings Republik is situated in the heart of the city, adjacent to the National Highway-24 and is well connected to other cities such as Ghaziabad, Noida, Greater Noida and Delhi
Being connected to the capital and other eminent parts makes Crossings Republik a sought after residential location for home buyers
The NH 24 highway that connects the locality with other cities is proposed to be widened into 14 lanes which is further expected to make the locality even more popular
Mayank continues, “My preference for Crossings Republik was more from the initial stage owing to the availability of amenities. No doubt the locality is a bit far away but offers modern living. Apart from luxury apartments, facilities like shopping centers, schools, hospitals, clubs houses, golf course, in-built lake, malls, etc. available here makes living here even more desirable,”
One of the very important and influencing features of the area is that Crossings Republik offers pollution-free environment owing to the ample of green space, trees, water bodies and wide open roads within
The locality receives direct electricity supply from NTPC power grid, 24-hour water supply, Mother Diary booth and two CNG stations are also located here.

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