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Experience a ‘lifestyle’ at Crossings’ Republik

Crossings Republik is Delhi NCR’s first ready-to-move-in private city. The township is designed by one of the world’s finest architecture firm, Sasaki Associates Inc, USA.  It offers a surrounding that inspires prosperity and every square inch of its space is made to bring a smile on the inhabitant’s face. Crossings Republik is where life truly blooms and blossoms.
Situated in the heart of the city, Crossings Republik is adjacent to the National Highway-24. Being well-connected to other cities such as Ghaziabad, Noida, Greater Noida and Delhi, Crossings Republik is a sought after residential location for many middle class homebuyers. With the highway proposed to be widened to 14 lanes, the location is expected to become even more popular for residential properties.
In terms of amenities, Crossings Republik offers everything required for a modern living. One can find luxury apartments, golf course, in-built lake, malls and shopping centers, schools, hospitals, clubs houses and everything else that caters to the day-to-day needs. One can also find international standard landscaping along with water bodies, walkways and cycling tracks. Crossings Republik clearly raises the bar of what one expects from a home.
One of the most important features of Crossings Republik is that it offers a pollution-free environment with ample area of green glades intersected by wide-open roads.  In its seventh year of existence with over 10,000 families happily occupying the area, adequate attention has been paid to maximize the green cover, both at the society as well as the township level.  Apart from a 9-hole golf course, more than 30,000 trees have been planted across the township. The golf course itself is one of the largest of its kind in Ghaziabad.
The lake in the township is backed by a golf club banquet hall which is used for cultural programmes and other events. Apart from the recreational facilities, Crossings Republik is also set to offer outstanding education facilities. The area already has a few reputed schools along with a few other under-development ones such as Indirapuram Public school and Gyan Shakti Public School. For higher education, ABES Engineering College is situated adjacent to the township.
There are some other facilities that Crossings Republik offers, including those of providing direct electricity supply from NTPC power grid with 100 per cent power back-up, 24-hour water supply (Zero Discharge city), first high-tech police station in UP, two CNG stations as well as a Mother Diary booth on the arterial road.
While you may not have thought of such a lifestyle at Crossings Republik, it is always better to make an informed choice before purchasing a home.

"Vikas Pundir, Director, Gold Coast – SKB Group"
Note:Referenced from Times of India


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